Trident Plastic Engineering

Polyurethane - Fabricating - Machining

Polyurethane – Tridents polyurethane division offers a quality product which can be produced in a hardness ranging from 20 Shore A to 85 Shore D allowing it to be utilised for many different applications. Polyurethane has excellent abrasion and impact resistance often out performing rubber by a factor of up to 8 to 1. It has a high tensile strength and a load bearing capacity for compression comparable to cast steel. With the customisation of these physical properties Trident can produce a product optimally suited to man different applications.

Fabrication – Trident can help with any fabrication needs. Using cost effective, durable, non-corrosive materials during fabrication Trident produces a broad range of products. From safety guarding, isolator covers and underpans to large scale tank building and pipe work. All products are manufactured to customer specifications.

Machining – Trident provides quality and cost effective CNC routing and machining of all plastic engineering grade materials including nylon, acetal, PVC and polyurethane. Our highly experienced and qualified machinists offer a service that saves time and the expense of having to purchase the material and outsource the machining. Trident is your one stop machine shop.