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  • Fabrication

Trident can help with any fabrication needs. Using cost effective, durable, non-corrosive materials during fabrication Trident produces a broad range of products. From safety guarding, isolator covers and underpans to large scale tank building, pipework and air ventilation systems. All products are manufactured to customer specifications.

  • Polyurethane

Tridents polyurethane division offers a quality product which can be produced in a hardness ranging from 20 Shore A to 85 Shore D allowing it to be utilised for many different applications. Polyurethane has excellent abrasion and impact resistance often out performing rubber by a factor of up to 8 to 1. It has a high tensile strength and a load bearing capacity for compression comparable to cast steel. With the customisation of these physical properties Trident can produce a product optimally suited to man different applications.

  • Machining

Trident provides quality and cost effective CNC routing and machining of all plastic engineering grade materials including nylon, acetal, PVC and polyurethane. Our highly experienced and qualified machinists offer a service that saves time and the expense of having to purchase the material and outsource the machining. Trident is your one stop machine shop.

  • General Sales

Trident offers a convenient and reliable service to a variety of industries and the public. We stock a broad range of engineering grade rod and sheet plastics including acrylic, polycarbonate and composite panel. Most lengths and panels can be cut to size while you wait.

  • Wear Application

Trident’s range of high performance plastic products are designed to meet the wide range of challenges associated with bulk material handling.

Tridents products have the benefits of chemical, corrosion and extreme wear resistance, as well as creating faster bulk material flow. Combined with high impact strength and enhanced protection of plant and machinery, Trident has a solution for all industries.